Bi-MODULAR CHARGE SYSTEM (BMCS) for 155mm Cannon Howitzer

BMCS is a further developmental stage of the design of charge systems for separated ammunition. These are the 2nd generation modular charges. The complete Bi-Modular Charge System (BMCS) represents in its design substance the solution of charge systems by two types of modules: A bottom Charge module – BC-E and a top Charge module – TC-F. The BC-E module serves for covering of small ranges of fire (it consists of one Zone-1 module and two Zone-2 modules). Type of TC-F module serves for covering of long and maximum ranges of fire (it comprises of three to six modules – Zone – 3, 4, 5 and 6).

BMCS is advantageous over conventional cloth bag charges because of simpler operation and reduced logistics during storage, transportation and war scenario.