152 mm HE ER-BB

152 mm artillery ammunition from the portfolio of MSM Group is the product which was originally designed for 152 mm self-propelled gun howitzer DANA (SpGH-77), however this ammunition can be used with any 152 mm howitzer which is designed to withstand the pressure generated by the ammunition. The ammunition can be used against infantry, lightly armoured targets as well as against structures. MSM Group offers its customer unique solution of extended range of 152 mm ammunition which ensures the firing range of 20 km for boat tail (BT) projectile and 25.5 km for base bleed (BB) projectile. All projectiles for our 152 mm ammunition are supplied with PD fuzes of our own design – KZ 88M. The fuze fulfils all NATO standards requirements for 152mm ammunition. Our 152mm ammunition has been supplied to more than 12 countries around the world and MSM Group being one of the few companies producing such ammunition within NATO and EU territory ensures maximum quality of production.