Fuze KZ-88M

KZ-88M is an artillery nose fuze. KZ-88M fuze represents an equivalent substitution of RGM-2 fuze and its modifications. It is designed for fi ring of high-explosive ammunition of the calibers of 100 mm, 122 mm and 152 mm from TK54 tank cannon, 100 mm K53 cannon, and 122 mm ShH 2S1, 122 mm HD30, 122 mm M30, 152 mm D30 and 152 ShKH vz. 77 howitzers. The fuze is mechanical with safety and arming evice. KZ-88M fuze enables superquick (SQ) or delay functions. The fuze has two safety features preventing an unintentional arming, which action is derived from two various infl uences of the environment acting on the fuze during the firing phase as per STANAG 4187, Edition 3. External contour and dimensions of the fuze comply with STANAG 2916, Edition 2.

The safety of KZ-88M fuzes was tested in accordance with STANAG 4157.