Revision and life cycle extension

Before the process of the prolongation of ammo technical life is there performed exhaustive inspection and the examination of this assessed material. This assessment includes all necessary tests and examinations, including the testing of the quality of propellants and explosives and other parts which contain an active load. According to test results is there processed the report to the customer about the ammo material status with the deal proposal for this material.

Inspection of customer‘s ammo material:

1. Inspection of damaged parts and initiators
2. Inspection and testing of technical parameters

  • Physical – chemical testing of all ammunition/ pyrotechnical elements (For example: Fuse, explosive, igniter, propellant, charge powder)
  • Testing of electrical circuits
  • Visual checking, testing of mechanical parts, checking of protecting paints,...

3. Inspection of the packaging


Report to customer with the proposal for:

1. Repair/ Revision
2. Modernisation
3. Ecological Liquidation

There is a greater economic return than the disposal of ammunition and the subsequent production of new ammunition. There is aprox. 70 -85 % costsaving in the comparison with the new ammo purchasing.

Ammo Revision


Main procedures

  • Replacement of damaged parts and primers
  • Homogenization of powder charges
  • Surface treatment renovation
  • Control and testing of technical parameters
  • Packaging renovation and the surface renovation

Ammo Revision

MSM Martin s.r.o. provides 15 years the standard warranty to a revised ammunition 

The Scope:

1. Revision, prolongation of life cycle or modernization of calibres from 30 to 155 mm
2. Revision, prolongation of life cycle or modernization of rockets 122 JROF „Grad“
3. Revision of Mortar Bombs of calibres 60 mm, 81mm, 82 mm, 98 mm, 120 mm, 160 mm
4. Anti-tank and anti-aerial guided rockets: Malyutka, Konkurz, Fagot, IGLA