Mobile technology lines

Besides the stationary building usage are the best solution for the technology transport the mobile technology lines -mobile workshops.

Mobile technology lines is a modification of stationary technology lines. They meet all the specifications and demands of stationary technology lines – design properties machinery and software equipment. They are compliant with all the specifications and demands of stationary technology lines such as design, equipment, machinery and also comply with legislation of EU regarding the safety of work.

The mobile technology lines consist of special containers. The mobile containers allow to make up the complete disposal /disassembly or production technology lines fully substituting the stationary technology lines functions. They are able to use at different places / areas.

Locations of mobile technology lines:

  • Located on chassis without own propulsion (for example: trailer, container)

  • Located with own propulsion (for example superstructure of cargo truck Avia, Mercedes, Mazda, train ...)

Properties of mobile technology line:

  • placing on the chassis without own drive (container)

  • machinery, device and software equipment is the same as for the stationary technology lines
  • composition in S sections (A, B, C, D, E) providing the entire operation process


  • high mobility character
  • easy manipulation
  • protection from explosion
  • variety of usage (as storage, technology lines, social needs, ... )
  • variety of the containers set up / configuration
  • variety of inner equipment
  • safety at the high-risk operations performance

Output of the ammunition disassembly are the elements:

  • TNT: by melting-out operation is a semiproductof die-shaped with dimension 20 x 20 mm
  • The line may included a technology part for initiators disposal (fuses) and the disposal of priming screws