MATC DISK 2 MSM serves as a full-service replacement for a classic airport tower, it is usable in field conditions as well when providing maintenance lockout of classical tower.

Tower construction is made of aluminium. MATC DISK 2 MSM is proposed as a modular system which may be placed on a truck 
of N2G type, trailer up to 3500 kg or on a container which may serve as a technological or logistic background.

As a matter of fact, MATC DISK 2 MSM can be manufactured in a ballistic protection. Internal equipment is customer-specific, 
we are able to supply and install complete survey (NVG, Camera systems, thermovision systems), radio communication and meteorological equipment according to the specifications.

The DISK 2 mobile control tower basic tactical specifications:

  • The DISK 2 mobile control tower is a complex system that is designed on an autonomous trailer and is transportable with conventional vehicles when its total weight does not exceed 3,500 kg. 
  • The device complies with EU Regulation 1079/2012on 8,33 kHz channel spacing implementation and is transportable by airplane type C-130 Hercules, C-27J SPARTAN. 
  • The DISK 2 consists of a chassis with lifting gear and a cabin and accessories. The frame of the cabin is welded and riveted from aluminum alloy profiles and plates and has a minimum of steel parts used. The chassis frame, supporting legs, lifting mechanism, axles and drawbar eyes are made mainly of steel profiles. 
  • The surface treatment of the frames is treated with polyurethane paint, the shade of the paint is realizable according to the customer‘s request. Steel parts can be modified by zinc coating to increase the anticorrosion resistance to painting.