• Control Tower is completely manufactured by MSM company in three standardized versions. Control Tower is ballisticaly resistant with the possibility of reducing its cross-section to be air transportable.
  • MSM Group is proud to offer this innovative product as completely Made in Slovakia.
  • Mobile Control Towers serve for navigation and air traffic control at provisional air stripes, in cases of air stripes being frequently changed and it is not efficient to build a fixed control tower and also as an emergency solution when the main fixed control tower is broken or being repaired.
  • Each Control Tower can be manufactured specifically for the customer.
  • Navigation is possible for various aircrafts depending on the equipment installed, available radars and systems for air traffic control connectivity and interoperability.
  • Mobile Air Traffic Control Tower made by MSM Group is unique in its flexibility, configuration options and Price-Quality (PQ) ratio.
  • These systems may be deployed in peace-keeping operations, for both civil and military aviation users.


    Technical data:

    • Mobile air traffic control tower erected
    • Lenght without antenna: 8 024 mm
    • The maximum amount of floor: 6 000 mm
    • Overall width: 6 900 mm
    • Length with ladder: 11 400 mm
    • Weight: 14 200 kg


      Transport data:

      • Lenght: 2 718 mm
      • Width: 2 530 mm
      • Length with drawbar: 8 758 mm