• 1927 - Historical origin of the formation of the present joint-stock company ZVS, when then Škoda Works in Plzeň, as a monopoly producer of ammunition technics decided to build so called "spare factory" in Slovakia.
  • 1929 - Beginning of building-up reserve objects, that were built and equipped with necessary technological equipment on 31st December, 1936.
  • 1937 - By the date 2nd January of this year officially started the production in plants of then factory Škoda.
  • Production in reserve plants, that is in the area of present joint-stock company started at the beginning of May, 1937.
  • 1938 - After Munich dictates, Slovak State was created under the auspices of Hitler Germany and at the same time Czech Republic and Moravia was occupied by Germans. The factory in Dubnica became a part of trust Riechswerke fúr Waffen und Maschinenbau Herman Gôring. r. 1945 - The beginning of reconstruction of objects destroyed by war
  • 1947 - The beginning of production. Škoda Works in Dubnica nad Váhom became an independent national enterprise based on a decree from the President of Czechoslovakia in the same year. On 3rd February, 1951 the enterprise was renamed K.J. Vorošilov Works, national enterprise.
  • 1953 - On 1st January K. J. Vorošilov Works was delimited and "Závody všeobecného strojárstva, národný podnik Dubnica nad Váhom" (General Engineering Works, National Enterprise, Dubnica nad Váhom) developed from it with the direct subordination to General Industry Ministry.
  • 1958 - On 1st April, based on a decision of the superior body, General Engineering Works were affiliated to national enterprise Adamovské strojírny Adamov as a branch part named Adamovské strojárne, n. p. Dubnica nad Váhom. On 1st January 1969, based on a decision of Heavy Industry Ministry in Prague no.3/137/68 of 9/12/1968, legal status was changed to an independent company included in system of companies VHJ ZVS Brno.
  • 1981 - VHJ ZVS Brno was changed to a system of concern control and as a result of that national enterprise was changed to concern.
  • 1990 - On 1st December, the concern located in Brno was abolished and ZVS, national enterprise was created by a charter of Ministry of Economy of Slovak Republic no. 33/1990.
  • 1996 - On 1st May of this year, the national enterprise was transformed to joint-stock company ZVS, a. s. with 100% state interest.
  • 1998 - On 24th September, the joint-stock company ZVS holding, a. s. was established.
  • 2015 - the merged company ZVS Holding Inc. and ZVS Impex Inc. with the company MSM Martin Ltd. - establishment of MSM GROUP.

Production series:

  • 1937 – Production of special technology products
  • 1958 - Production of transformers for consumer electronics
  • 1965 - Production of measuring and pumping technology (petrol, diesel oil)
  • 1971 - Production of electrotechnics for textile and printing industry
  • 1990 - Production of civil health machinery
  • 1992 - Products for engineering and consumer industry ( parking machines, money locks, industrial waste crushers, gas boilers, centrifuges for oil, hot-air sterilizers for medical use )
  • 2001 - Small calibre sport and hunting ammunition
  • 2003 - Production of air-guns SLAVIA
  • 2013 - Production of sheet metal processing
  • 2015 – production of 9 mm pistol ZVS, production of air rifles PERUN

From the beginning of its existence, the company was orientated mainly on production of special technology products.