The Largest Arms Producing Company from the Považie Region Helping People

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The MSM GROUP, under the auspices of the civic association named “MSM pre ľudí” (MSM for People), has provided over 70 organizations, associations, institutions and individuals with financial aid totalling more than 274 thousand EUR. The money was donated to medical facilities or children at elementary schools, and it also helped in the fields of sport and charity. The donations have made happier even disadvantaged people who use the collected money in particular for rehabilitation programs and treatment stays.


We have been helping for years

Since the beginning of our Group, we have started to fund various projects. Every year we wanted to be more and more helpful and we decided to focus on more areas such as sports, education or healthcare,” explained Lucia Ollé, Director of Marketing. The MSM GROUP’s idea was to support activities of children having talent for sports or to help those who need it most. “Everywhere you see unhappy and sad people, to whom fate was not kind. We account ourselves to be a family-based company that has a heart and this gave us the idea of establishing the civic association “MSM pre ľudí” and devoting all our effort to this helpful activity,” she added.


Establishment of the Civic Association

“All good thoughts and ideas mean nothing without action.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

“Even we at the MSM GROUP are aware of it, and therefore we are not only talking about social responsibility, but also acting. And our support increases in proportion to our prosperity,” summed up Alica Eglyová, Chairman of the Civic Association.


We contributed to rehabilitation stays

Five-year-old Emka Janičíková from Považská Bystrica suffers from a milder form of cerebral palsy. She has affected the left side of her body, and her left hand is totally paralysed. Rehabilitation exercises, which she regularly undergoes at a special facility in Piešťany, are important to her. As the exercises are financially demanding, Emka’s family welcomes any support. “Thank you very much for the aid that will allow our daughter to spend some time in ADELI Medical Center. Even due to regular exercise, her health condition improves dramatically – it can be seen not only on her hand, but also on her walk, which is more coordinated. There is a good chance that Emka will be able to take care of herself sometime in the future. Without this help, we could not afford the rehabilitation,” Emka’s mum added.


We pleased young athletes


We also care for the disabled

The Down Syndrome Club in Snina brings together twelve children with this disease. The Club activities depend on voluntary donations. Thanks to them, the Club can do activities that make these children happy. As said by the Chairman of the Club, every cent credited to the Club’s account would please not only children but also their parents. “The money from MSM surprised and pleased us,” said Štefan Hodničák, who expressed his joy and great gratitude. “Children engage in theatrical, dance and other performances and show everyone that they are useful to society even with this disability. Once a year, we organize a trip to the sea for them, which has beneficial effects on their airways,” he summed up.

We support education

We respect human life

The Drop of Hope Foundation, which helps children with oncological and haematological diseases, focuses mainly on the support for the bone marrow transplantation unit, which is the only workplace in the National Institute of Children’s Diseases in Bratislava for the whole of Slovakia. “We are very thankful that the MSM GROUP has decided to help oncological patients through the Foundation, because we are dependent on donations,” said Štefan Bernát. “The money will be used to purchase the ECMO machine. It will be the first and only device serving for the extracorporeal membrane oxidation supporting children with the most serious haematological and oncological and other diseases. The specificity of this device is that it can also be used during patient transport,” he added.


Fulfilled wishes

At the end of 2018 in pre-Christmas time, the project titled Stromček vianočných prianí (Tree of fulfilled wishes) was held under the auspices of the civic association “MSM pre ľudí”. Christmas is the time when we are closer to each other than ever as well as the time to gift. The MSM GROUP employees supported children who needed it most. Thanks to everyone who involved in the project and helped to fulfil 70 Christmas wishes of children from socially disadvantaged families and from the Children’s Home in Klobušice.



Everyone can help

If the fate of people in your neighbourhood is not indifferent to you, you can donate 2% of your annual income tax to the civic association MSM pre ľudí, o.z., for its activities in 2019.

Data required to provide the Civic Association with 2% of your annual income tax:

Business Name: MSM pre ľudí, o.z.

Legal Form: civic association

Company ID (IČO): 51065495

Address/ Registered Seat: Štúrova 925/27, 018 41 Dubnica nad Váhom