On 16 and 17 October 2018, the Retiree Reunion was held for the second time. Its purpose was not only to reunite former employees of the company ZVS who retired from their job, but also to revive memories of their work by visiting the workplaces where they spent many years. During the years they worked for our company, they contributed to its development and built many valuable friendships.

That’s why we decided to organize this beautiful event again. The invited guests were welcomed by the company’s management. Organizers prepared a gala lunch and a visit to the production facilities. The atmosphere of the reunion was made more pleasant by the performance of the accordionist Matej Kysela from Jasenica as well as the dance ensemble Liborčan from Dubnica nad Váhom. There was a raffle with valuable prizes prepared for the retirees.

130 people confirmed participation in the event for each day. All who took part in it were given a bag with practical gifts as thanks for their work for our company and coming to the reunion.