We scored again. Our company, the MSM GROUP, presented its products and achievements at the international trade fair for military technology – IndoDefence 2018, which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 7 to 10 November 2018. TV Markíza informed directly from Jakarta that we managed to enter the Asian market not only as a supplier of a wide portfolio of products but also as an intermediary of business opportunities. The MSM GROUP has already put the armoured vehicle Aligator on the Asian market. The Ministry of Defence of Indonesia has acquired the first two pieces and provided them to the Indonesian National Armed Forces. The contract is already signed for the delivery of further pieces, and the vehicles will likely be supplied to Thailand. We have been negotiating the conclusion of a contract for more than a hundred pieces of the vehicles with the Government of Thailand. Despite the fact that the MSM GROUP exports up to 95% of its production abroad, we do not oppose cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic.

“We are delighted to hear of the support of the Slovak defence industry and we are ready to supply our products to the Slovak Armed Forces. Of course, if the Government is interested in them,” said Branislav Takáč, MSM GROUP Sales Director, for TV Markíza directly in Indonesia. At the trade fair, we exhibited, among other things, the 155 mm ammunition that we supply to the several NATO member states as well as to other countries. “As one of the few companies we can ensure the full life cycle of ammunition, so I think we can compete with the world’s largest companies,” said Takáč.

Visitors could also see our other products, such as 122 mm D-30 ammunition, 125 mm APFSDS and 125 mm HE tank ammunition, RPG-7MID anti-tank grenade launcher, 60 mm Antos mortar with 60 mm mortar bombs, and P20 and P21 pistols.