MSM Group Code of Ethics

A part of a culture where people come first.

The companies of the MSM GROUP comply with all generally binding legal regulations and other standards relating to the management and control of the company. We expect compliance with the standards of ethics and honesty in business also from our trading partners and do not tolerate any form of corruption, or any other violation of generally binding legal regulations.

The Group has adopted the MSM GROUP Code of Ethics which is an expression of desired attitudes and standards of behaviour of its staff reflecting the core values of the company. The Code of Ethics is binding for all employees of the company. Application of the principles defined in the Code of Ethics and the company values  by all employees is an integral part of a transparent conduct of business of the company in accordance with generally binding regulations, other relevant standards and its social responsibility. The MSM GROUP Code of Ethics defines, inter alia, also the rules of relationships with customers, suppliers and government and public institutions. The feedback on compliance with the principles established by the Code of Ethics, as well as initiatives of the staff regarding anti-social activities are ensured on a 24/7 basis by the MSM Ethics Line